Pakistan Heading Towards Mayhem

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If you are an investor, you certainly wouldn’t want to bring your money, time, resources and skills into Pakistan at this point in time unfortunately. Who would want to do that when there is so much leg-pulling going on and ominous dark clouds of anarchy are looming large. Everybody thinks that Nawaz Sharif is guest of few days now, and after that? Nobody knows what happens. Government of PML-N is in tatters. Establishment has managed to bring them down quite swiftly and now wiping floor with PML-N’s dignity. Qadri and Imran have proven to be much more lethal than the establishment thought and PML-N is trembling and may fall without any long march in few days.
Pakistan Heading Towards Mayhem
Nawaz has lost control over his cabinet which is divided into 3 groups; one led by Chaudhry Nisar, one by Ishaq Dar, and rest by Musharraf crony Zahid Hamid. Frantically Nawaz regime is trying to appease the establishment by bringing in Sharifuddin Formula for the release of Musharraf and sending him packing to Dubai. They have realized very late that this was the root cause that establishment has almost routed them. Mandate or not mandate, you don’t try to be cute with the military in Pakistan. Qadri, PML-Q, MQM, Imran Khan are roaring and now the have got corpses to get moral edge too. What happens after fall of Nawaz government is anybody’s guess. Military would never expect Imran as Prime Minister as he is unstable, immature and short-sighted.
Qadri is also out of question because he is not worth it. Pervaiz Elahi is strong contender for the longish interim set up, and he has sensed the kill too. But with military in charge of things again and puppets ruling the Pakistan is the thing of past. Military must realize it cannot be done in today’s time, not even by remaining behind the scenes. Balochistan is already on auto-pilot to get dismember from Pakistan and with military in helm again, it might slip completely out of our hands. Military cannot take care of economy, and they have been a failure in FATA and Karachi. They cannot simply control and manage the country. Nobody will get anything out of this chaos. Pakistan will stay here if this chaos spreads, but do we want to become like Afghanistan or Iraq?
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