14th August: Pakistan Hostage Day

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Imran Khan will take Islamabad hostage on 14th August and Quaid-e-Azam might turn more violently in his grave when Imran will call his destructive march as ‘Azadi’ March. Quaid didn’t know that his struggle for Azadi was not enough, and it would need the Khan from Bani Gala to get real ‘Azadi’ some 67 years later. Every month we get a new date of either tsunami or of revolution. Sometimes it’s sit-in on D-Chowk in May, then it’s arrival of Dr. Qadri from Canada in June. Then public rallies in July, and now we have got yet another date of 14th August from Imran Khan for ultimate war with the government. Though we haven’t got any date from Qadri for his revolution, the chances are that he would also join with Imran Khan right before the ruckus start. Which investor in his right mind would bring his money to Pakistan in these circumstances? Even the petty contractors who are supposed to supply bricks and cement to the infrastructure projects have stopped their supplies, as they fear that they wouldn’t get their payments from government, because there will be no government after 14th August.
14th August: Pakistan Hostage Day
The affairs of governments have literally stopped throughout the country as everybody is bracing for anarchy. Who has given this right to Imran or Qadri to do whatever they want to create chaos and mess in country? Which skies have fallen? What quick magic fix they have? Why don’t they just leave Pakistanis at somewhat peace for a while and give us a breathing space? But then its not Qadri and Imran who are real problem here. Musharraf is the problem. If government lets Musharraf go today, they might get some relief, though the friends of Musharraf in establishment are now not in the mood to forgive PML-N to try Musharraf in courts. Those who think that there is democracy in Pakistan are highly mistaken or naive. It’s just militocracy and nothing else. Not a leaf moves in Pakistan without the will of military. These elections, political governments, media, judiciary, and whatever else is just a sham and fraud. If I were Nawaz Sharif, I would have resigned in Parliament by exposing the rule of establishment and admitting that he is impotent as a ruler.
"Yeah Watan Tumhara Hai
Hum Hein Khawamkha Iss Mien"
Blog post Written by Haris Hashmi and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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