What is Dialysis and When do Patients Require Dialysis?

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Dialysis is a process in which the body is enhanced to perform better when the kidneys have failed to perform. As you know the kidneys are very important when it comes to the regulating the fluids of the body. In balancing these fluids, the kidneys achieve this through the adjustments of the amount of urine excreted from the body on a daily basis. When the environment is hot, the body does not need to excrete more water through the kidneys because there is more sweating on such hot days. On the other hand, on a cold day, there is very little sweating and this makes the body to excrete excess water from the body through the kidneys. By this, the body is able to bring the body fluids into a proper balance.
What is Dialysis and When do Patients Require Dialysis?
When do patients require dialysis?
Normally, patients require dialysis when they become so ill as a result of failed kidneys. In this situation, waste products in the body become so high and as a result they start causing the patient to become critically ill.
What types of dialysis are there?
There are two main types of dialysis:  “peritoneal dialysis” and “hemodialysis’’
1. In hemodialysis, the patient is helped to filter blood by the use of a dialysis machine that will filter the blood before entering the body. A plastic tube is normally placed between an artery and vein either in the leg or arm. To remove these waste products, the machine will extract them into the tube and clean blood will continue to flow.
2. On the part of Peritoneal dialysis, this process uses the body tissues of the patients inside of the belly. Doctors will insert a plastic tube known as dialysis catheter through the wall of the abdomen cavity. Though this tube, they will flush a special fluid into the intestines in order to wash them and remove toxic substances. In this case, the wall of the intestines will act as a filter between the blood stream and this fluid. If different types of solutions would be used, you can achieve to remove excess water and waste products from the body.
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