Pros and Cons of Kids Cell Phone Usage

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The world has transformed into a global village since the past bunch of years. Everyone is connected to each other, regardless of the geographical distance in between. Apart from that, all kinds of information and content and. The question here rises that should parents expose their children to it? If yes, then to what extent? Is buying them cellular phones and other technical devices justified or not? There are many pros of giving kids cell phones. It facilitates them by allowing contact with parents whenever and wherever needed. For example, if there’s urgency, the kid can approach his parents directly through the phone, or even if the kid needs conveyance, he can call home and ask for help. It can be seen as a simple method that somehow or the other grants a specific amount of security to the kid, and establishes a contact with their parents.
Pros and Cons of Kids Cell Phone Usage
But on the other hand, parents should be aware of some facts as well. Cell phones today come with a variety of functions, from texting and calling to complete internet access, videos and music playback.  They should be extremely careful in choosing the right device depending on the kid’s age. They should make sure that their child does not waste all his energies on this. Cell phones can somehow make your kids more responsible in terms of their social circle, and ways of handling money. But the point where problem occurs is that many experts say these devices emit radiations harmful to specially children. It can as well be injurious to health in a couple of other ways if used excessively. Thirdly, children should learn to adhere to school rules by not using phones in classes, and being attentive to what is being taught there. Parents, in a nutshell, should think critically before providing their kids with cell phones, as it comes with certain pros but at the same time a bunch of cons as well.
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