PTA Extended the Dates of SIM Re-Verification Process

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PTA has extended the date of SIM Re-Verification process to April 14th, 2015. According to sources PTA has extended this date to give time to the people so that they can get their SIMs Re-verified. PTA had ordered all telcos of the country to re-verify all SIMs in order to counter terrorism activities in Pakistan. Earliar PTA has given the dead line of 26th Feb 2015 for SIM re-verification process, but now according to sources PTA has extended the dates to 14th April 2015 only for the people who are having 3 or less SIMs against their CNIC. Its our social responsibility to re-verify SIMs as early as possible to save future of our children.
PTA Extended the Dates of SIM Re-Verification Process
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