Ramadan special dramas 2015

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HUM TV, ARY Digital, GEO, ARY Zindagi, PTV, and various other drama channels in Pakistan have created a new tradition of telecasting special Ramzan drama serials with one episode on every day of the month. Ramadan special dramas 2015 are being awaited with full zest and zeal. Some channels are even broadcasting dramas throughout the night and some even before the Iftar. Not only the dramas are being telecasted during the prime time but also the repeat telecast also played down throughout the day. These are very popular and one can watch them offline on the social media on the Internet on the next day.
Ramadan special dramas 2015
Many drama serials of Ramzan with hit cast like Fawad Khan, Maira Khan, Hina Dilpazeer, Shabbir Jan, Shahood Alvi, Mekail and variou other actors and actresses are the in pipeline and people are waiting for them. Especially the girls and women are very much excited as they tend to stay at home and it becomes easier for them to cool during fast as they watch the dramas. It also keeps the pockets of TV channels full because the ratings go through the roof. The advertisers pay a lot as the competition becomes very fierce and cut throat to get the prime time. The ads of drinks and fans and other Ramzan related products get the most of the time and they also get charged highly. Already all the channels have been sold out for their prime time. One also wonders as how much commercial this month of fasting has become. Pakistani channels are not far  behind really in commercialization.
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