Zaid Hamid returns to Pakistan after KSA arrest

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Hopes of conquering Lal Qila have rekindled again. Things are looking again rosy and promising for the dreamy guys and gals who would march within the “Lashkar” of the ultimate leader Zaid Zaman Hamid and would trample the world. Saudis didn’t know that and their lowlife ‘Shurtas’ canned Zaid Hamid mercilessly. Dream remained halted for few months as Zaid remained incarcerated in the Saudi Jail. But he also showed his charm and magnetism there and Saudis had to release him.
Zaid Hamid returns to Pakistan after KSA arrest
Zaid Hamid actually criticized Saudi government for being coward and not working under his leadership. He perhaps wanted to become King of Saudi Arabia and that probably wasn’t well received by the current King Suleman. He was sentenced to 1000 lashes and 8 years in jail. He has already received 10 lashes and sources say that he is unable to walk for now. But it seems his fingers are working fine as he has tweeted himself that he is back in Pakistan but ‘resting’ with the family. Actually lashes are the real treatment for such people. He won’t dare speak ill of KSA even in his dreams now. Even when in Pakistan, he should be treated with at least 4 lashes a month, one week each. That would keep him sane and under control.
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