How to increase your height after 20 years age?

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Short height is problem with most of people. Everybody wishes to have tall height. Here we have simple tips that tell you How to increase your height. Follow the tips and be strong and heighted.
How to increase your height after 20 years age
How to increase your height by simple tips:
You need to add following things to your diet.
1) It contains calcium for growing bones and cells. Drink 2 cups of milk daily. Drink one cup before Breakfast and one at night before sleeping.
2) It makes you Stronger and taller. It has low fats, high protein, calcium, Vitamin A, C, E, K. Add Spinach in your juices or milk.
3) Carrots, Synthesize protein for your body. Eating too much carrots will make your hands yellow.
4) Eggs contain Proteins and help in your body growth.
Practice these things:
1) Exercise for muscles growth.
2) Swimming
3) Skipping rope
4) Stand straight with your back against the wall daily for 20 minutes.
5) Sleep early at night.
6) Press your skin firmly with your thumb moving your fingers 9 times clockwise and 9 time counter clockwise.
Practice all these things daily and see the productive results.
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