5 Reasons Why Amir Should Play for Pakistan

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Controversy over Mohammad Amir is raging high in Pakistan. Interestingly enough, internationally the media and ICC are silent, but within Pakistan there has emerged a huge split between the fans and haters of Muhammad Amir, the fast bowler who was punished for match fixing.
5 Reasons Why Amir Should Play for Pakistan
Following are 5 reasons why Amir should play for Pakistan and must not be stopped:
1) Amir had pled guilty before a court, has served his punishment and deserves another chance.
2) He has regretted what he did and has apologized publicly with tears numerous times.
3) He has been pardoned by the Pakistan Cricket Board and they have decided to give him a chance.
4) Amir was just 18 when he committed that crime of spot fixing. He has matured and learned his lesson.
5) Pakistan simply don’t have any decent fast bowler and Wasim Akram has said that Amir is better than him        even at this age.
Honestly speaking, Amir is far better an asset for the Pakistan if compared to the likes of Hafeez and Azhar Ali, the players who are spearheading the revolt against Amir. PCB should implement its discipline here.
Blog post Written by Sameer Shaharyar and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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