Uzair Baloch Will Be Another Farce

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We have seen it in the past numerous times and this time is no different. All this hubbub about the Uzair Baloch will die down soon. Media anchors would shift to some other spicy issue, Chaudhry Nisar would get his ego massaged and people will forget this don of Lyari soon. In fact, just few months ago there was lots of noise that Uzair Baloch will be deported from the Dubai and then he had already revealed nexus between Asif Zardari and lots of crime mafias in Karachi. It was also touted a lot by various hawaldar anchors that Uzair Baloch would be like last nail in coffin of Zardari’s politics.
Uzair Baloch Will Be Another Farce
Nothing happened then and nothing is going to happen now. The sudden emergence of Uzair Baloch has directly to do with Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan’s ego clash with PPP. Right after PPP criticized his dismal performance as interior minister, Nisar got back to them in vengeance. This is so like Nisar. Instead of transparently and honestly going after the dons and mafias, Nisar is using them as pawns of his ego massaging. He did the same with Imran Farooq’s killers when MQM had a clash with him and now same is going on as PPP gets in hot water with him. At this critical juncture, PM Nawaz must appoint interior minsiter at federal level who is upright and has little less ego and arrogance.
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