How to make your lipstick last longer

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As lips are always in motion so your lipstick does not last longer. If you apply gloss, it has even shorter life than lipstick.  Do you wish to make your lipstick last longer? Don’t you find any way to keep your lipstick last longer? Yes, for your ease here we have tutorial to make your lipstick last longer. Now you don’t have to keep re-applying your lipstick. We have right tricks that will make every lipstick last longer like 8 hours or even more.
How to make your lipstick last longer
Steps to make your lipstick last longer:-
1) Moisturise your lips in order to make them smooth.
2) With a lip pencil, line your lips carefully as shown in picture. Make sure the lip pencil is same shade as your lipstick
3) Apply the lipstick Place a tissue over your lips and gently press on it.
4) Apply some dry powder over your lips and then again apply another layer of lipstick.
5) As a result you feel that your lipstick will last longer.
6) By following this trick, you will feel that your lipstick will last longer. Now you can easily spend all day in your work or enjoyment. You don’t have to re-apply your lipstick again and again.
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