Inside Story Behind Shahbaz Taseer Return

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Taseer family is getting good news upon good news in short span of time just recently. First, the murderer of Salman Taseer was hanged and now his abducted son has surfaced after four and a half years from Balochistan. Wheels have turned for them it seems. The official press releases say that Shahbaz Taseer was recovered after a successful and daring operation conducted by intelligence and security agencies near Quetta,  Balochistan in Kuchlak area and they recovered the junior Taseer safely. But sources say that Shahbaz Taseer escaped from his captors and himself called the security forces from a makeshift restaurant.
Inside Story Behind Shahbaz Taseer Return
Owner of a restaurant named Al Saleem Hotel located in Kuchlak has revealed that Shahbaz Taseer himself came to his restaurant alone. He said that around 5:00 pm a man attired in grey shalwar kameez came and ate at his restaurant. He said after having eaten his meal and paying Rs350 bill, he asked for a phone to make a call to Lahore. He made the call, paid his bill and then stood outside partly hidden behind a tree. After a short while FC personnel took him along with them. It is also learned that Shahbaz Taseer just want to get out of Pakistan as soon as possible. His rest of family is already abroad and they have already wrapped all of their business and assets here.
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