Mustafa Kamal Disappoints With Party Name

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Pak Sar Zameen doesn’t sound like a party name but only starting lines of some anthem, which it actually is. Pakistani anthem is heavily Persian and other language and very less Urdu which is national language of Pakistan. Being Urdu speaking, Mustafa Kamal should have know that. With his fluent Urdu, oratory, extempore responses; one was hoping that he would come up with some catchy, terse, and enticing name plus the attractive flag for his party. But it all turned out to be a tasteless harangue by him in which he sounded like a city mayor rather than head of a new political party. In a childish gesture, he rejected the idea of a party flag and attributed it to just an annoying election commission requirement.
Mustafa Kamal Disappoints With Party Name
What a nonsense. Parties are recognized with their symbols, flags, names and tag lines. You cannot even hold a serious public political rally without it and you simply cannot go to polls with out it. It seems that creating, managing and maintaining a political party is not under the grasp of Mustafa Kamal and his companions. They must remain focus on for what they are getting attention; To carve out MQM and render it toothless as much as possible and provide alternate leadership to the Urdu speaking community of Urban Sindh. If Mustafa Kamal falls short of that or tries to go beyond it, he will become a laughing stock very soon. Former leaders of the Muttahida Quami Movement Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Raza Haroon, Wasim Aftab, Iftikhar Alam and Anees Qaimkhani should step up and put some sense into the former mayor. Don’t let him carried away. Karachi needs them.
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