PSP Rising PTI Declining

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Don’t get fooled by the numbers. PTI has been here for the last 20 years, whereas PSP has come into being and has started it’s political journey just almost 20 days ago. Already they have drawn few thousands of people including families to their first ever public meeting. The striking thing about the PSP rally was that it enticed Urdu speaking community and most of them were families with ladies and kids. They came from all corners of the city and many of them got emotional as they pinned their hopes with the Mustafa Kamal and his companions.
PSP Rising PTI Declining
Karachi has been suffering for many decades now as MQM became a mafia controlled by a maniac from London. Karachiites have seen it all from mass violence to mass murders, extortion, target killings, kidnappings, street crimes and everything else. Now Mustafa Kamal has risen among from them and they feel attracted towards him. PTI held a rally in Islamabad and it was way bigger then PSP. But then it was managed by the KPK government and had the unlimited money of Jehangir Tarin and Aleem Khan at its back. PTI hasn’t died yet but it’s decline is well within sight. PTI is out and over in Karachi and the new hope is PSP and its leader Mustafa Kamal. Good days for Karachiites.
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