Ensure The Safety Of Women In PTI Rallies

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In a liberal and democratic country, there is nothing wrong with girls and boys attending the public gatherings. In a suffocating country like Pakistan, this is in fact a pleasant blow of wind which should be welcomed as girls and boys get activated on the musical theme in political rallies. But again this is Pakistan. It’s still an overwhelmingly conservative and closed countries where the youth has very little to enjoy. Most of Pakistani society comprises of male youth and they dominate it too. The only entertainment they have in evening after studies or work is to go to some restaurant and eat ‘Karahi.’ That’s it. There are no grounds for sports. Nothing for the dancing or music. 
Ensure The Safety Of Women In PTI Rallies
No other way to enjoy themselves. So when The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) offers a free chance of dancing, singing, and boys know that posh and fashionable girls from DHA will also be there, they throng the rallies. Not only they throng it, some of the more desperate ones also try to cross the lines and given the level and volume of desperation; there is always harassment of girls in their public rallies. It happens every time and always PTI leaders deny it and then throw the blame to the PMLN that they sent their workers to tease their girls. That’s totally ridiculous. Why in first place, these girls are kept in separate enclosures when everybody knows the frustration out there? The truth is that most of the young boys go there just for that fun. PTI is also reluctant to separate out girls and boys because they believe that then the number of youth will decrease and they would be left with eggs on their faces.
Blog post Written by Amna Gilani and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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