PPP Should Focus on Sindh Instead of Conspiring with PTI

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Aitzaz Ahsan is a man with personal vendetta and vested interests. Though opposition leader and main representative of party Khurshid Shah is still cautious, people like Aitzaz Ahsan and Qamar Zaman Kaira are ready to cross all limits to dislodge PMLN government. Aitzaz Ahsan has been saying openly in the power corridors that he wouldn’t mind even if General Raheel takes over. He has said that he would welcome anything which would result in ouster of Nawaz Sharif by hook or crook. He is basically saying the same thing which Imran is saying. Both of them are going blind in their hatred of PMLN.
PPP Should Focus on Sindh Instead of Conspiring with PTI
Meanwhile Karachi is burning as government over there is completely dysfunctional, disoriented and paralyzed. People are getting killed every day who include celebrities and common people alike. Rangers are still claiming that everything is hunky dory and they have got Karachi under control and their arrogance is there for all to see. PPP is trying to save their Dr. Asim in Karachi and in Punjab they are busy in conspiring with the Imran Khan to woo the establishment to help them derail the current regime. Without General Raheel’s help, its impossible for Imran-Aitzaz to get anything in their favor. And Nawaz isn’t going to present his resignation to Raheel in plate. Raheel would have to send 111 brigade. If that happens, no one will be getting anything, not even Raheel.
Blog post Written by Salman Mugsi and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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