DIY How To Make Cucumber Skin Toner At Home

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Nowadays, we have lots and lots of options for our skin care guide. Different brands have come up with the ready-made solution of almost every problem regarding skincare. from face packs to masks, toners, cleansers and what not. but, it is still not convenient and heavy on some pockets.not easily affordable for many. i will here share my very own experience of How to make cucumber skin toner at home. i personally believe, the best and high priced products still fails to beat the results of pure homemade essentials prepared at home.reason being there pureness, they are free from all chemicals and artificial flavors. My personal skincare includes chilled face mists and sprays of rose water and cucumber lemon toners. they provide a soothing effect to your skin immediately. it relaxes the pores and helps healing any skin issue. the market available products may be equally good, but can you afford to use them multiple times? so, let’s learn the steps of How To Make Cucumber Skin Toner At Home.
DIY How To Make Cucumber Skin Toner At Home
Steps To Make Cucumber Skin Toner At Home:
1) Nothing much required than a simple plain medium sized cucumber.
2) Wash the cucumber well to remove any dirt or bacteria.
3) Now, slice the cucumber into pieces. you can also chop them with the knife and make little pieces.
4) Next, put the cucumber pieces in the saucepan. cover them with little water that can be enough to wet them.
5) Let it simmer on low heat for 7-10 mins. (be careful not to bring water to boil).
6) Now turn off the heat and let the mixture be cooled. next you have to transfer the whole thing into blending jar.
7) Blend the solution well, for about 30 seconds.
8) Now sieve out the mixture. it will filter all the cucumber pieces leaving the pure juice for you.
9) In a clean spray bottle or mist bottle, keep this liquid safe.
10) Let it cool in the refrigerator and spray on your face whenever you want.
Once you’re done making, store it in cool place. you can use this for like 4-5 days. make new after that and enjoy your beautiful skin!
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