Green leafy Vegetables and Egg Yolk Improves Memory

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A research has proved that the people having more amount of ‘Lutein’ can remember the things they learn years before and can repeat the information. But for this purpose, it is necessary to continuously use green leafy vegetables, broccoli and egg yolk in order to protect from dementia in old age. The experts of University of Illinois studied 122 people between 65 and 75 years of age during which the amount of lutein was noted in their blood samples and the brain capacity was also measured through MRI. The experts gave attention to temporal cortex of brain that plays important role in maintaining crystallized intelligence.
Green leafy Vegetables and Egg Yolk Improves Memory
The people with higher lutein played main role in ‘Memory Test’. After this research, the most important expert on this issue said that it’s their hypothesis that lutein also affects brain function and perhaps it strengthens the relation between one to other cell by reducing inflammation. On the other hand, the experts say that few diet ingredients halt effects of age on mental capabilities while lutein in green vegetables improves eyesight. According to beauty experts, the consumption of spinach and broccoli eliminates wrinkles from face and provides moisture to skin. These vegetables also contain a special ingredient named ‘lutein’ that protects and nourishes the crystallization intelligence part of brain.
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