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Home Tips For Pink Lips

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Do you wish to get pink lips? If yes, then you should not be missing out reading with this blog post because right here we are discussing on with some of the simple and easy to follow top 5 home tips for pink lips. Let’s just get started and read on with some of the helpful tips!

Home Tips For Pink Lips

Top 5 Home Tips For Pink Lips:

1) You can use the tip where you will be pouring one small table spoon of honey and 2 small table spoons of lemon juice in a small cup. You can stir it.  You have to apply the mixture on the lip each single day in the natural terms and after one week you will be finding the upper lip getting lighten in color.  You should make sure you leave the mixture for around 30 minutes on the lips.

2) You can also try with the home remedy of taking 1 small table spoon of double cream and 3 strands of saffron in a cup. You have to apply it on the lips that are dark. You can get the mixture to air so that it can completely get dry in the lips and makes it easy smooth for you.

3) On the next we have the mixture of one small cup of coriander with the small amount of the water in the blender. You should be pressing and then passing with the coriander by means of fine sieve.  Using the cotton ball and apply it over the lips for 15 days.

4) You can also think about to exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub and then apply with the mixture of one small table spoon of almond oil.  You can often make it get mixed with the almond oil of one small table spoon as well.

5) Lastly on the tips, we have the mixture of shea butter for your lips application. You can get it all apply before going to bed.

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