What lesson we learn, when Karachi burns?

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It has been ages since Karachi is burning, whether it is ethnic violence or Political parties clash Karachi burns for any reason. Major or minor it doesn’t really matter. Some believes that this coalition Government and its allies are equally responsible for the massacre in the city. Ruling political parties of Karachi are based on Ethnic groups and history is witness that ethnic groups have never resolved any issue to their own supporters yet we the so called educated people of Karachi don’t learn any lesson and support these ethnic groups.

Karachi is a diverse city, things have changed drastically post 2000. People from all the places of Pakistan moved to Karachi to find better opportunities in life. And yes people bring their culture, religion and ethnic zeal along with them. Yet we have failed to educate ourselves to consume this fact. All we have learned is to support our ethnic group and remain divided. When you open this debate to question one party, they will easily put all the blame to the other party. No any political party takes responsibility of the mercy killing of innocent people of Karachi on ethnic basis. Few days ago a friend of mine,” Mohsin Haqqi” became a victim of Target killing since his brother was an active member of a ruling political party (ethnic group). This made me think what was his fault? An educated professional and a very nice person, who was never involved in any political activities. why would anyone kill him? And what changed after his murder?

If we look back in earlier 90 when a cleansing operation performed on an ethnic group, which didn’t resolve any issue as that group holds the majority of seats in Karachi today. And now there is a demand to perform another operation for a different ethnic group. I ask myself how long are we going to support our ethnic groups? Isn’t this what neocolonialism is? Will we ever realize that supporting ethnic groups can never unit people in Karachi. We need to take stand against all these groups and the easiest the only solution is, to stop supporting these ethnic/political groups for God sake.

Blog post Written by Noman Farooqi and You can visit the original article at http://www.thenewstribe.com/

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