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Hair fall is one of the most general problems we can see around us today. Not only females, but males also have this problem. Insufficient nutrition and stress of modern life are two main reasons behind hair loss. Ignoring proper diet, not sleeping regularly and dirty, unclean scalp can also results unnatural hair loss. Heredity sometimes causes complete baldness. The question now is how to prevent this massive hair fall, slowly causing a mental dissatisfaction and anxiety.

Hair loss is caused due to many reasons such as lack of vitamins, minerals or iron in the body, age, pollution, heredity, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and disease.

It is said that the loss of about 100 hairs-one days is normal. If you lose more hair than it is an alarming sign. Best way to prevent hair fall is to eat healthy food, clean the hairs it regularly, drink plenty of water and sleep well for healthy and shiny hair.

  • If you clean your hair regularly, it will prevent dandruff, itching and hair lice, which ultimately result in hair fall.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type.
  • Massage your scalp regularly with lukewarm oil at least twice a month. You can choose coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil for hair.
  • Never comb your hair when wet. The roots of the hair is weakest when wet. Keep the hair wrapped in a towel for a while, then let it dry and excessive use of hair dryer damage the texture of hair and makes it weak, resulting in hair fall.
  • Eat a healthy diet including green vegetables, dairy and vegetables.
  • Drink coconut water to prevent hair fall.
  • Add at least two nuts into your daily diet to help strengthen it.
  • Avoid using harsh clips or bands and do not tie your hair tightly.
  • Try your best to protect your hair from dust and sun. Cover your head when going out in direct sunlight.
  • Eating iron-rich foods and fruits helps prevent the hair fall. Add apples, beet and cane sugar in your normal diet. They are rich in iron and thus prevent the hair fall.
Following are some useful and beneficial home remedies against hair fall.
  1. Massaging The Scalp
    Gentle rubbing or massaging the scalp helps you to get healthy hair root and active sebaceous glands. Blood circulations also get normal which cause healthy and shiny hair. Massage your scalp with the tip of your finger so that blood circulation gets energized after shampooing your hair with cold water. It will help to fight against dry hair root and massive hair fall.
  2. Some Useful Remedies
    There are many useful remedies that can help your hair strong and less vulnerable. You can try mustard oil with henna leaves. Use 250gram burning mustard oil with 60gram henna leaves. You have to boil the mixture and then apply this mixture on your scalp gently.
    You can use the Onion Juice with Honey to fight against hair fall. Onion juice with honey actually helps to fight baldness.
    Applying coconut oil and coconut milk over scalp is beneficial in treating hair loss. What we call today hot oil treatment is one of the oldest home therapies for hair loss. Heat the mixture on your hair and apply.
  3. Proper Diet:
    Proper intake of sufficient basic nutrients ie protein, fat, vitamins, carbohydrates is essential. Correct ratio of all the basic nutrients required for healthy hair very much.

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