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Ramadan is the Holy Month of Blessing. Ramadan is not only a month of Spirituality, but also a month of extra workload for Ladies. Ladies have to prepare Sehri, Aftari and to take care of children as well. These responsibilities does not allow a feminine to take good care of their skin in Ramadan.
Makeup is a very essential part of beauty of Feminine and a women cannot think of living without makeup, But in Ramadan ladies have very less or no time even for Basic Make-up. So they gets really worried for their Skin in Ramadan. Basic Steps For Ramadan are as follows.
Basic tips during Ramadan:
  • Keep your Skin clean and Healthy: The best tip for making any skin look glowing is that the skin Should be cleaned regularly with cleanser or Moisturizer.
  • Keep all makeup Matte and Muted: Light color makeup should be used rather than False eye Lashes, Sparkles etc.
  • Apply light Things: Apply light makeup and avoid heavy Blush on that creates a very dull impact to skin
  • Use matte Blush on: Matte blush on should be applied that makes your looks more attractive and Younger colors like Peach, skin are very helpful in this regard.
  • Apply Nude Lip colors: Nude lip colors should be applied rather than Dark colors like Red, Brown etc
  • Wear Dark Eye Liner: Eye liner should be used dark in color like Brown, Black that gives very nice look to eyes.
  • Try Mascara Colors other than Black: Mascara should be applied on eye lashes for a proper beauty look of eyes and colors like blue, brown Should be used instead of Black.
By keeping these tips in mind a housewife in Ramadan can easily use Basic Steps for Ramadan Makeup.
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