CEREC — State of the art technology

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CEREC — State of the art technology

Cerec is state of the art technology, which enables dentists to design and fabricate dental restorations on site. The use of Cerec technology reduces treatment waiting time, reduces costs for both the dentist and the patient and reduces the amount of anaesthetic the patient needs.

Cerec also enables the patient to be actively involved in the design process, meaning that they have a say in the final result. With Cerec, there is also no need for temporary restorations and multiple doses of anaesthetic. Cerec can be used to produce new onlays, inlays, crowns and veneers.
Cerec works by using digital camera images; the dentist will take a digital photograph of the patient's tooth using a special type of camera. The image will then be converted into a computerised 3D model of the tooth. The model is then used as a template for the restoration; the information is sent to the onsite manufacturing machine, which creates the new restoration.
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