Do Pakistani Youngsters Need Cell Phones?

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It is hard to find anyone these days without a cell phone. From rich to poor, young and old, everyone has a cell phone. And that obviously includes youngsters. However, there are implications of young people using cell phones. Young people buy cell phones depending on the latest model, features and make sure that it looks “cool.” Latest models haunt youngsters and the amount of money they spend on cell phones is staggering. It is not surprising that the latest model does not stay “latest” for long. It is more of an accessory to be shown off than anything else. Some teenagers in the west, native and immigrants, work part time jobs just to pay their cell phone bills. Have cell phones become such a necessity that people have to sacrifice time and money for it’s use. Instead of having the weekend to study, do homework, relax and indulge in leisure activities, it is spent in working. Only to pay bills for a cell phone that is not even a necessity.

Do Pakistani Youngsters Need Cell Phones?
One craze that has risen is that of texting. Some people send hundreds of text messages every day. People send text messages everywhere, even in class during lessons. It has become such a nuisance for teachers that cell phones have been banned in many schools. Another problem that has risen is the sending of se*ually explicit messages. They have become so common that it has been labelled se*ting. I am not going to say that we should do away with cell phones altogether, although that would certainly solve the problem for those girls who are harassed on cell phones. What I would say is that cell phones should be used with a purpose. Not for spending staggering amounts of money on latest models, not for se*ting, not for endless texting, and certainly not for using it at the cost of missing sleep, such as with those boys and girls who are up all night talking.
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