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When I was a child I was taught that we are a blessed nation as we can enjoy all the seasons existing in the universe and undoubtly you had been told the same. When I grew a bit older I realized that no onw told me that we have been blessed with a season which rarely exists in the universe “THE TERROR SEASON” (a season which never ends) I figured it out myself and i`m still figuring out why I wasn`t taught about it in my books—-

Then when I reached the age where the age usually stops (the NIC age) I came to know that this age has a special importance as for now onwards I can enjoy a special season “THE ELECTION SEASON”, a season which is supposed to be enjoyed after every 5 years but due to some “DEMOCRATIC” reasons, we rarely have the pleasure to enjoy it. ANYWAYS, this is the first time I`m about to seek its blessings (ignore the line where I said “AGE STOPS” this is actually my first time. So I thought why shouldn`t I share my observations about the fruits of the special edition of seasons. Every season has its own colours and fruits so, let me present to you the fruits of election season.
1) PPP
           I`m still wondering why they have so many Pssss. Anyways, the vendors are known as “BHUTTOS” (another clue is that they keep crying about their past). PPPP remembles “two faced sword” and the taste depends on the province, if you are from sindh, it tastes sweet (people of SINDH have sweet taste buds) and if you are from the rest of Pakistan, believe me it tastes pathetic (blame your taste buds)
2) PML(N)
         The vendors selling this fruit can be identified by the word “SHARIFS” (although the name has no effect on the personality.) PML(N) resembles a “tiger” and tastes bitter (advanced apology to the “JAYALEY”)
3) PML(Q)
         Vendors are called “CHAUDHARY”. PML(Q) resembles a “bicycle” which is usually punctured
         MQM is available only in karachi or hyd. Vendor will always be with a “TELEPHONE”. MQM resembles a “kite” (don`t know why it resembles a kite why not a telephone). Taste depends on whether you are sindhi, balochi, punjabi or muhajir. MQM is most popular in  the muhajirs.
5) ANP
        Vendors are always found with “red hats”. ANP is usually available in KPK and its taste also depends on your province.
6) PTI
       Now, I am pleased to write about a new fruit of election season, PTI. This is the first time people are going to taste it and it took 17 long years to cultivate PTI.The vendor is known as “PAKISTAN KHAN” and PTI resembles a “bat”. Taste is not identified yet and people are all set to taste it. In election season 2013,there is going to be a competition between the fruits held by the ELECTION COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN and the winner will have the chance to rule Pakistan for the next 5 years. 
So, on 11th MAY,2013 get out of your beds and select whichever fruit you THINK should be the winner, “think” is important here and to make it clear to all of you think means “use your brain” rather than bribing your brain with BIRYANI……KEEMA WALA NAAAN……or a LAME HELP because if you wont then be ready to cry for the next 5 years.

Blog post Written by TAYYABA TAHIR and You can visit the original article at

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