5 Great Ideas to Generate Second Income in Pakistan

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With rising cost of living, price hike, inflation and challenging economic condition; a typical Pakistani household cannot be run comfortably on a single income. Those times have now gone forever where one person in the family used to earn and rest used to sit and eat. Not anymore sir. But what if there is only breadwinner in the family, which is most of the case? I can think of five top ways in which a Pakistani household can generate a second or even third income to share the financial load and to get out of the financial grind. If you have some ideas, feel free to share them in the comments as I believe it would be a great service for those who are looking to work and want to earn and work hard.
5 Great Ideas to Generate Second Income in Pakistan
Following are the 5 ways through which an additional income can be generated:
Tuition: This is the most flexible way to get the cash in hand and this benefits everyone. If you are working in an office, or running any skillful business, or teaching at day; it means that you have some knowledge and skill and believe me there are many people who want to learn that. So you can teach those people about your knowledge and skill and earn extra money.
Delivery Service: Get a cycle or motorcycle, if you don’t have already and start delivering pizzas, or any other items. You can deliver newspapers or magazines too. You can also wake up early and deliver fruits and vegetables from the sabzi mandi.
Customer Care: You can go to any evening company like call center, or even you can go to your local market and work as salesperson in any shop for few hours.
Online Work: You can find out any graphic designing, content writing, transcription, or virtual secretary jobs online.
Security Guard: You can become security guard in evening or night in front of any bank or jewellery shop or in any mall or even in the neighborhood.
There are many other ideas like working as cab driver, conductor, stall holder, or something like that. Feel free to share your ideas. Best way to find out such jobs is to ask around among your friends and family. Get out of your home and ask people, and keep searching. If you are determined, you will certainly find something.
Blog post Written by Dr. Hassan Isfahani and You can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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