Nanga Parbat – Deosai Expedition By Mughees Ahmed

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Last week I went to the Nanga Parbat Basecamp. The trip was a hectic backpacking(upto 20 kilos!!) experience in which we – a group of eight – trekked across beautiful lush green valleys, fields, flower clad mountains, glaciers, moraines, rocks, mountains.

We started from Astor, went to Tareshing – one of the most beautiful villages of Pakistan surrounded by 7000+ snow covered Himalayan peaks through which cold, fresh glacial water streams flowed irrigating its lush green fields and valley -, trekked our way up to Lower Rupal through Rupal Glacier and its moraines, then to upper Rupal another lush green village, to Shokor an extremely treacherous and difficult trek over the rocks, wooden bridges, slippery landslid edges of the mountains, to the Bara Maidan right at the bottom of Nanga Parbat(8126m) from where we got crystal clear views of the Majestic Killer Mountain!!!

From there on we went to Shaigiri not to camp but to go on to the Mazeno Base camp roughly at the height of 4500 meters!!!

The whole trek was 6 days long which we did in 4 days by doing 10-12 hour trek daily. The trek did break us down but the immense, wild and raw beauty of that place always managed to bring our morale up and keep us going for more.

The last day was spent at the highest plains in Pakistan i.e. the Deosai plains. The vastness and the immense size of the place never seized to amaze us at any time we were there. We entered from the Sheosar Lake side and from there went to the central point of the Deosai Plateau. The visit to Deosai was like a cherry on top of this great journey of ours!!!

One of the best and most unforgettable experiences I have ever had in my life. The place is definitely not for the weak hearted to go to. For me it was an out of this world experience and has left me craving for more!!! So I will be returning to these Great White Northern Beauts of my dear homeland Pakistan next years inshAllah for more fun, adventure and action!!!

- Mughees Ahmed

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