Dry And Rough Feet Care Tips

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There are many tips on Dry And Rough Feet Care Tips available all of the internet. Some of the most effective among them are listed below:
Dry And Rough Feet Care Tips
1. When you choose a foot wear, keep in mind the comfort level rather then the fashion. Look for a shoe which severs both your purpose, its comfortable as well as stylish. Also wear a 1/2 point bigger shoe so y
While choosing your footwear keep one thing in your mind that the footwear you are choosing is comfortable or not and always wear a point bigger shoe so it doesn’t touch your foot.
2. Another important thing that we tend to miss out is that we believe it is not that important for the us to apply cream daily on our feet. We are concerned with our hands and face but we pay very little attention to our feet and because of that we end up with dry and rough feet. So, dry and rough feet care tips also include applying cream regularly on your feet.
3. Also avoid using very hot water or very cold water, if you do this will make your feet smooth and crack free.
4. Avoid walking with bare feet because the bacteria will enter your skin and will make it rough and dry.
5. If you like soaking your feet in water, make it it is only for 5 minutes not longer than that. Soaking them for a long period can damage your feet.
6. We suggest that your use foot scrub and pumice stone that is old fashioned now but it works  just fine.
7. Lotion your skin properly at night or in the evening when you are free.
8. Foot massage will help you transfer the blood flow rapidly to your feet and will smooth and tighten muscles.
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