Will Pakistan Always Remain Like This?

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Today there are only three countries left that have never been polio-free: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Nigeria will be polio free within very short time, but there is little hope for Pakistan and Afghanistan in coming years. Besides of Polio, there are many many things to worry about, and it seems right now everything is broken. Due to Taliban terrorists, we lost any sporting event happening in the Pakistan. After the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team years ago, no international team of any sport has visited Pakistan. If we were a nation with common sense, that’s the reason enough to hate Taliban and whatever they stand for. But most of us are confused. Due to this extremism, terrorism, and military coups our social fabric has completely disintegrated.
Will Pakistan Always Remain Like This?
Baloch separatists are exploding trains and the gas pipelines, Taliban terrorists are attacking in FATA, Peshawar and in Karachi and sporadically in the Punjab, MQM and Lyari gangs are also keep Karachi hostage; lawlessness, robberies, kidnappings, thefts, car lifting, extortion, murders, and honor killings are rampant throughout the country including the capital Islamabad. Right now Pakistan is nobody’s idea of a model for a prosperous future. Across the globe, people are living longer, healthier, and prosperous lives. Many countries have pulled out of their past miseries. In Asia, Africa, and Latin America many countries are well on their way to self-sustenance. Even in Africa, except few countries, things are improving and it seems that in a decade, they will be quite well-off.
Pakistan was not that bad, and it seems the only country in the world on reverse gear. We are loosing what we had. We are not progressing at all, rather we are kind of disintegrating. I have never sensed such palpable disappointment and hopelessness in the country. Hardly anybody has any bubbly sentiments these days. We are now worried about our basic existence let alone about other things in the life. What went wrong? Will it ever improve?
Blog post Written by Muskan Hina and ou can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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