How to Make Cat Eyes For Night Makeup

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The shape of liner keeps on changing every now and then.Also the shape you apply at day time might not be appropriate for your night time makeup. People who have small eyes usually like to apply liner in a way that their eyes look long big and open. In today’s beauty article we will tell you How to Make Cat Eyes For Night Makeup. There are many ways to make Cat eyes and we will demonstrate one which is used with night time makeup. As night time makeup is heavy one should also apply liner which is thicker as compare to day time liner.
How to Make Cat Eyes For Night Makeup
Following is are the tips on How to Make Cat Eyes For Night Makeup :
The first step is that you draw a base line of the wing which starts from the outside corner of the lash-line and heads towards the end of the brow.
1) Draw the base line of the wing by starting at the outside corner of the lashline and heading in the direction of the end of the brow.
2) Make a small triangle at the end of your eye, as shown in the figure below.
3) Now comes the easy part, the Lashline.  What you have to do is that you have to start at the inside corner and trace the lashline until you have reached the end point.
4) Now fill in the hole with quick little strokes.
5) Now we come to the thickening of the wing on the left side and across the top.
6) Now since you have thicken the wing, you should also thicken the lashline.
You should know that when doing cat makeup you should keep the in mind the shape of your own eyelid. So, you should determine the wing shape and the thickness shape according to the shape of your eyes. So, you have to adjust your cat eye for might makeup according to your  shape of lashline.
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