Forget Apple, Microsoft and Google, Fin is The Next Big Thing

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Technological advancement never stops surprising people. One after one, there are technological inventions and we have no other option but to embrace every new arrival with open hands. Why, because people have become so used to technology that it often takes genuinely amazing to make them notice. Every day you see reports of new technological inventions, some for making your life easy and some for bring colors in your life. Sometime you just guess what is coming up next and sometime you prepare yourself for something announcement for which has already been made. On many occasions you witness a fierce competition between big giants of technology. Apple, Microsoft, Google and many more from the West continue their technological onslaught on us.
Forget Apple, Microsoft and Google, Fin is The Next Big Thing
But, this time it is from the East. And it will be a bigger surprise. Prepare yourself for it because it is going bring a change the way you control things. The person who is going to surprise you this time is not very much experienced, just a 23-year old Indian, Rohildev N. This son of Kerala is going to give too much pride to Indians. India as the biggest democracy of the world has special position among nations and every new technological invention in the country further strengthens its position. So, the thing coming up next in technology from India is Fin, a tiny ring. But, please don’t take it easy because it is going make big changes in your life. The changes will be pleasant and have enjoyments for those who love to see technological inventions. Fin will change the way you enjoy things.
Have you ever thought that your thumb would control all of your things?
Fin, yes a tiny ring, is going to make it possible. You can wear it on your thumb and start controlling things. Your thumb will be in command and your this tiny ring will be obeying it. This tiny ring will control all things own, such as your phone, camera, music players and gaming systems. It would definitely bring a revolutionary change in your life. So, this time the big technological surprise is coming up from India. For More details visit:
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