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Faith flies high on the wings of desire

by imran (few years ago!)
Talk may be cheap but intelligent conversation is very expensive these days. Ask anyone with a kid in college

by (few years ago!)
I have given my myself freedom to dream, therefore it determines my future

by (few years ago!)
A heart was meant to handle many emotions, but heart break isn't one

by (few years ago!)
To truly love yourself is beautiful, but to change yourself for someone, just mean's they never truly loved you for you

by (few years ago!)
I have caused my own sadness, threw weakness of my own mind

by (few years ago!)
To be wise with wisdom, is to live with knowledge.

by (few years ago!)
when your in class you are so bored!!!! why do teachers make things boring, my last teacher gr.6 was the best he was so sidetracked all teachers should be like that

by (few years ago!)
We all understand that we must exercise in order the build and strengthen every muscle in our body, Yet, when it comes to our brain which is a muscle we think that it's all DNA

by (few years ago!)
Great teacher's help their students discover their own truth and resist influencing that process

by (few years ago!)
The world is your classroom

by (few years ago!)
Everyone is intelligent and is able to learn anything with the right teacher

by (few years ago!)
Knowledge doesn't care about DNA, income or social status; it is found only by those who seek it

by (few years ago!)
If you keep the doors closed, the breeze will still blow, it just won't reach you

by (few years ago!)
Teach me with any knowledge given by God in his...i hope we all have the divine grace

by (few years ago!)

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