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Smile may be of different style,but that which adorns the face of a real person is only an honest ONE

by (few years ago!)
What you think is the worst, may be the best.

by (few years ago!)
Being rich is not how much you have. It's how much you give

by (few years ago!)
It’s the person behind the camera and not the camera, what takes the pictures

by (few years ago!)
Whenever "they" say something, they're usually wrong

by (few years ago!)
Not everything is understood the way it is presented and not everyone presents the way it is understood

by (few years ago!)
“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” ~E.B. White

by shamoon abbasi (few years ago!)
Time is waterfall. It's forward direction cannot be changed.

by (few years ago!)
The proclivity and the penchant of a man’s persistence for doing work par excellence is a great way to improve his prudence, positivity, productivity, performance and personality.

by (few years ago!)
A person only likes his friend to the degree he or she relates and connects to his character

by (few years ago!)
Sometimes, many good thoughts come unexpected in mind and the best to take in heart is that they give better returns even more in an unexpected manner

by (few years ago!)
Holding on to old memories, will keep you from making new ones

by (few years ago!)
A man who relentlessly perspires to do excellence evidently inspires many with his intelligence and elegance

by (few years ago!)
A man’s hope is a time-tested, proven rope to pull him up from his life going down the slope.”

by (few years ago!)
Jokes offend someone; Thoughts apprehend anyone; Sayings comprehend everyone and Quotes defend no one

by (few years ago!)

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