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It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

by (few years ago!)
I can accept failure, but, I can't accept not trying.

by (few years ago!)
Sometime failure is a divine tool sent by the Creator to inspire and elevate you above the clouds. Trust God

by (few years ago!)
Your real mistake was not learning from failure. Your truest failure was feeling down because of failing

by (few years ago!)
Will it not be wise to allow the friendship between nations to rest upon deep and permanent things? Irritations of the cuticle must not be confounded with heart failure

by (few years ago!)
No one ever fails at something they are just taught what to do next time”

by (few years ago!)
Act as if it were impossible to fail.

by (few years ago!)
Everyone experiences failure and learns from it, but the biggest failure is never trying to begin with

by (few years ago!)
The more I see you, the deeper I fall for you

by (few years ago!)
When the world is falling apart, call me. I’ll be your duct tape.

by (few years ago!)
If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything

by (few years ago!)
The hardest is when you fall for the one who love you when the one you love is finally falling for you

by (few years ago!)
I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying

by (few years ago!)
Success fails persons and failure tests persons to complete a life cycle.

by Anuj Somany (few years ago!)
At the end of faith, is failure

by (few years ago!)

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