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You can’t be wise and in love at the same time.

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Technology has continued to bring the world closer together and increased the horizons of each individual as never before.

by (few years ago!)
Winter will pass you’re certain, then why doubt spring

by (few years ago!)
So long as we love, we serve; so long as we are loved by others, I should say that we are almost indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend

by (few years ago!)
The Journey of life is a constant pursuit of evolving perceptions

by (few years ago!)
Whenever I have knocked, a door has opened. Wherever I have wandered, a path has appeared. I have been helped, supported, encouraged and nurtured by people of all races, creeds, colors and dreams.

by Tariq Bangash (few years ago!)
My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.

by (few years ago!)
Many of use ask to many question to hear the answers to the important ones”

by (few years ago!)
Steal with your eyes

by (few years ago!)
Success is like tip of the tail !!! If cat runs to catch the tail. It has to keep running forever. But if it walks in its own style. Tail follows!! Live life with your own rules....

by HUSSAIN (few years ago!)
It’s the opinion of some that crops could be grown on the moon. Which raises the fear that it may not be long before we’re paying somebody not to.

by (few years ago!)
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