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Na dekh asman ko itni hasrat se
aae dost
kisi parende ne muh pe gustakhi kar di to sari hasrato ka janaza nikal jae ga

by Sabir shah (few years ago!) / 241 views
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pathan khushi main

>Ek pathan ka hont jala huwa tha.
Kisi ne poocha kese jala?
bola. Wife ko chorne station gayatha.
khushi k mare train k engine ko choom liya: :p

by Abdul Basit (few years ago!)
Ek Pathan Poori Zindagi,

Ek Pathan Poori Zindagi,

Sochta Raha,

Sochta Raha,

Sochta Raha,


Sochte-Sochte Mar Gaya,

Ke Agar Meri Bahan Ke 3 Bhai Hai To Mere 2 Kyun Hai?

by (few years ago!)
Larki ko respect

Larki ko respect deni chaiye..
Line toh ptcl wale bhi dete hain ;) :D

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Am i that good

Boy: What do you think, how do I play Guitar..?
Girl: I wish you were on T.V.
Boy: I am so happy to hear that, Am I that Good?
Girl: Ummm… Not really; if you were on T.V. I can at least switch it off

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Police officer attempts to stop a car

A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding and the guy gradually increases his speed until he's topping 100 mph. The man eventually realizes he can't escape and finally pulls over. The cop approaches the car and says, "It's been a long day and my shift is almost over, so if you can give me a good excuse for your behavior, I'll let you go." The guy thinks for a few seconds and then says, "My wife ran away with a cop about a week ago. I thought you might be that officer trying to give her back!" -

by (few years ago!)
Boht aye gaye hain lekin ab Geelani Sahab hain

Ek Sindhi Aur Pathan ka Interview Tha:

Sindhi se:

Q: Taleem
A: B.A

Q: Pakistan kab bana?
A: Koshish pehle se jari thi per 1947 mai.

Q: Pakistan ka PM kon hai?
A: Boht aye gaye hain lekin ab Geelani Sahab hain.

Pathan ye sub sun raha tha usne teeno ans yaad ker liye.

Pathan se:

Q: Naam?
A: B.A

Q: Kab Paida huwe?
A: Koshish pehle se jari thi per 1947 mai.

Q: Baap ka Naam?
A: Boht aye gaye hain lekin ab Geelani Sahab hain

by Abdul Hannan (few years ago!)
Excitement in Examz!!!…

Cricket is getting excited day by day with the introduction of ICL n T20…

Same rules should be applied in Examz!

(1) Exams Timing Should Be Reduced To One Hour.

(2) Power Play – No Invigilator In Exam Hall For 1st 15 mins.

(3) Cheer Leaders – To Dance After Every Right Answer Written.

(4) Strategic Time-Out – Time For Students For Discussion.

(5) Super Over – Chance For Students To Form Their Own Question.

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Pathan 2 Sardar

Pathan 2 Sardar:
5 Janvaron K Naam Batao Jo Pani My Rehty Hen
Sardar: Fish
Pathan: Theek Hy Or Batao
Sardar: Fish Ki Ammi,Abu,Bhai Or Behn Pathan: Shabash…

by (few years ago!)
Once a Sardarji was travelling

Once a Sardarji was travelling on a train. He felt sleepy so he gave the guy sitting opposite him on the train 20 rupees to wake him up when the station arrived. This guy was a barber, and he felt that for 20 Rupees, the Sardarji deserved more service. So, when the Sardarji fell asleep, the barber quietly shaved off his beard. When the station arrived, the Sardarji was woken up, and he went home. Reaching home, he went to wash his face, and suddenly screamed when he saw the mirror. 

Said his wife " What's the matter?"

Replied he "The cheat on the train has taken my 20 rupees and woken up someone else" 

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Tum shadi k baad

Boy:Tum shadi k baad apnay liye alag ghar to nahi maango gi?

Girl:Aray nahi!! tum apni amma ko alag ghar dila dena

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
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