The student did not like the sound of this at all, and asked for permission to speak. The professor granted it, and the student stood up and asked the following questions of his classmates:

“Has anyone in this class heard our professor’s brain?” Silence.

“Has anyone in this class touched our professor’s brain?” Absolute silence.

“Has anyone in this class seen our professor’s brain?”

When nobody in the class dared to speak, the student concluded, “Then, according to our professor’s logic, it must be true that our professor has no brain!”

by Jawad Ali Abbasi (few years ago!) / 516 views
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student life

Na waqt hai etna ke syllabus pora kia jaye
Na tarkeeb hai koi ke exam pas kia jaye
Na jane konsa dard dia hai es parhayi ne
Na soya jaye owr na roya jaye

by inayat khan (few years ago!)
Ek sardar ne apni pencil

Ek sardar ne apni pencil horlicks ki bottle mein daal kar rakh diKyun….
Kyunki wo use Taller Stronger N Sharper banana chata tha.

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Patiala Pags Ka Kamaal

Naman: Yaar chaman mein Taj Mahal khareedney ki soch raha hoon….

Chaman: Bata kitne mein deal final karein mein bhi bechne ki soch raha hoon

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
active pasive me diff btao

Teacher: active pasive me diff btao

Studnt: active> tere mast mast 2 ne’en mere dil ka le gai chain

Passve> mere dil ka le gai chain tere mast mast 2 ne’en.

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)

sardar Exam main betha copy py apna panja bana rha tha

sardar Exam main betha copy py apna panja bana rha tha

Teacher: Paper main hath ki diagram ka koi question nhi

sardar:main paper banany waly pe lanat bhej rha hun..

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!)
Question Paper Are Printed

Teacher :Childrens Exams Are Nearing If U Have Any Doubt U Can Ask Me..

In Which Printing Press
The Question Paper Are Printed..?

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Maine Suna hai is Ghar Mein

Boy : Maine Suna hai is Ghar Mein Jin Bhot aur Rohain Rehti Hy
Pathan : pta Nai
Mje to Khud Mare Hue 8 Sal Hogye
Moral: pathano ko marne k bad B akal nae ati

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Apki Shaadi Ho Gayi?

Beta: papa apki shaadi ho gayi?
Papa: haan.
Beta: kis se hui?
Papa: bewkum teri mummy se..
Beta: wah papa ghar me hi setting kar li.

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
mera kam in fakiron ko

Ho mera kam in fakiron ko sms karna,

In kanjoso garibon ka inbox bharna,

Mera ALLAH inhe bhi abshram ajay,

Ye sms parhte hi inka bhi sms ajae???

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)

Two Factory Workers R Talking
The Woman Says I Can Make
The Boss Give Me The Day Off
The Man Replies
How Would U Do That?”
The Woman Says
Just Wait Nd See
She Then Hangs Upside
Down 4rm The Ceiling
The Boss Comes In Nd Says
What R U Doing
The Woman Replies
I’m A Light Bulb.
The Boss Then Says
U’ve Been Working So Much
That U’ve Gone Crazy
I Think U Need To Take The Day Off
The Man Starts To Follow Her
The Boss Says
Where R U Going?
The Man Says
I’m Going Home
Too. I Can’t Work In The Dark
Teacher: Tell Me A Sentence
That Starts With An “I”
Student: I Is The
Teacher: Stop! Never Put ‘Is
After An “I”
Always Put ‘Am’ After An “I”
Student: Ok. I Am
The Ninth Letter Of The Alphabet.

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!)
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