Veronica Was Practicing The Piano When S

Veronica Was Practicing The Piano When Suddenly There Was A Loud Pounding On The Front Door. She Opened It And Found A Breathless Cop. "Whats The Matter? !" She Asked. "Wheres The Body? !" Demanded The Officer. "What Are You Talking About? " "We Just Got A Tip That Some Guy Named Mozart Was Being Murdered In This House.

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!) / 381 views
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Teacher to Student: "MagerMach" ko jumly main istimal karo.

Student: Main Mastung chala jaon ga "Mager Mach" ni jaon ga. :D

by lescol (few years ago!)
Ramu apne 16 bachho or biwi

Ramu apne 16 bachho or biwi
k sath dost k ghar lunch pe

Dost ne itni badi family dekh
kar gusse mein kaha: Lajja
nahi aayee. Ramu: Nahi uska exam hai

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)

1 admi apne dost k Ghr gya,
bell bjane pr chota sa Bacha bahr nkla.
Beta apky Abu ghr pe hn?
Ji wo to bzar gye hn.
Acha apny brray bhai ko bulao.
Wo to cricket khelne gya h.
Acha tumhari Ami to ghr pe hi hongi?
Ji wo apni saheliyon k 7 Picnic pr gai hn.
Admi: (gussy se):
To beta aap Ghr me Q bethe ho? Aap b kahin jao.
“Mein B apne dost k Ghr aya hua hun”
Admi: Lakh di Lanat Tere Nikky jay tay..

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!)
E.C.G of a Student

E.C.G of a Student:
Normal Heart


... EXAM Time:


When Results r

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
A Staged Wedding To Bust Dealers

As supposedly reported on CNN:

Undercover police, staging the wedding of "a drug kingpin's daughter", let it be known on the street that dealers were "invited" (i. e. Expected to attend).

The bride and groom were police, as was the band, bartender, and about half the guests. The band playing at the wedding was "S. P. O. C." (COPS, backwards), and the wedding went through the full ceremony, including the dancing afterward.

The long-sought dealers were arrested after the "band" took their break. The last song the band played before taking its break? "I Fought The Law, And The Law Won"

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Sardar Had A Baby

Sardar Had A Baby
Bilkul Meri Jesi Ankhyn Hyn “Choti Choti”
Meri Jesi Nak Hy “Choti Si”
Wife Baby Ka Pamper Khol K Boli

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
GF-Chand Kitne Hote He?

GF-Chand Kitne Hote He?
BF-2,Ek Tum Aur Ek Upar

After Marriage:
Bv-Chand Kitne Hote He?

Pati-Andhi Ho?
Wo Uper Kharbooza Nazar Aa raha He

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)

3 pathan ek bike pe ja rahe they

3 pathan ek bike pe ja rahe they

Trafic constable ne rokney k liye hath diya

Pathan: abay pagal hai kya…!

Pehle hi 3 bethe hain tu kaha bethe ga?

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!)
Bhai 1 rupy ka easy load kr do

Sheikh at shop: Bhai 1 rupy ka easy load kr do
Shopkeeper: Itna load karwa k call karni hai ya sms?
Sheikh: Karna te kuch ve nai bs aiven paise uraan di adat ae…

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
The caption ofvteam

The captain of a team says to the Umpire,
“My players want to know if there is a penalty for
The Umpire says, “No.”
The captain says,
“Well we think you’re an asshole, then.”

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
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