Baap Bachay Se

Baap: (Bachay Se)

Ravi Or Chanab Kahan Par Hain?

Bacha: (Ghabra Kar)

Ammi Jaan Se Pochain.


Wohi Chezain Idhar Udhar Rakh Deti Hain. :-)

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kya hum hamesha 5 hi rhnge?

Pappu-Dadi, kya hum hamesha 5 hi rhnge? Aap, Papa, Mummy, Mai,Bahan.
Dadi-Nhi Beta Jab tumhari Shadi Ho Jaygi to Hm 6 ho Jaynge.
Pappu-Fir Behan k Shadi ho jaygi to hm 5 ho jaynge.
Dadi-Nhi Beta Jb 2mhara Beta hoga to hm fir 6 Ho jaynge
Pappu-Fir Ap Mar Jaoge to hm fir se 5 ho jaynge
Dadi-Chup kr Kuuttte
Chl So Jaa…

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
1shaikh kangal ho gya

1shaikh kangal ho gya to us ny apni BIWI se kaha
bachon ko un k nanky bhej do
R tum apni ami k ghar chali jao
Mera Allah malik
Main apny susral chala jata hon.

by (few years ago!)
I’m getting married next week

I’m getting married next week there will b
a small party n only few ppl wil b invited
don’t bring any gift just bring
someone 2 marry me.

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Called a newspaper office

A Memon Called A Newspaper Office And Asked:
Mera Baap Mar Gaya Hai, Kya Charges Hongay?
Newspaper: Rs.50 Per Word.
Memon: Oh Bohat Ziyada Hain,
Acha Likho “Ghafoor Bhai Died”.
Newspaper: Sir! It Should Be Minimum 6 Words!
Memon: Oh Ho! Jara Sochnay Do….. Acha Likho……
Ghafoor Bhai Died – Suzuki For Sale .

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
1 Chance Do

Mureed: Baba Jee
Agar Main Nazrana Doon
To Guarantee Hai K Mera Bacha Ho Ga.

BABA: Nazrane Ki Jagah Agar
1 Chance Do To 100% Guarantee Hai

by (few years ago!)
Dr. to patient's frnd

Dr. to patient's frnd: Agar 1 ghanta pehle le aate to hum isse bacha lete.

Frnd: Abe saale,
15minute pehle to accident hua..:-

by (few years ago!)
A Sudden Change Of Mind

My Dearest Susan,
Sweetie of my heart. I've been so desolate ever since I broke off our engagement. Simply devastated. Won't you please consider coming back to me? You hold a place in my heart no other woman can fill. I can never marry another woman quite like you. I need you so much. Won't you forgive me and let us make a new beginning? I love you so.

Yours always and truly,

P.S. Congratulations on you winning the state lottery.

by (few years ago!)
Tell The Name Of Any Microsoft Product

Tell the name of Any Microsoft Product?
MS Excel
MS Word
MS PowerPoint
Sardar After Thinking a lot:
“MS Dhoni”.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
doctor implants a New Ear to a man.

doctor implants a New Ear to a man.

Man: You idiot, you gave me a woman’s ear

doctor: It makes no difference

Man: It does,Now I hear everything

but understand nothing….

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
3 dost bike pe ja rhe the

3 Dost Bike pe ja rhe the.. Trafficwale ne Rok kr
bola : "Tumhe malum nhi TRIPLING Apradh hai.."
1Dost : Hume Malum hai islie to 1 ko Ghar Chodne
ja rhe hai..

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
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