It was sardar’s wedding

It was sardar’s wedding anniversary. His wife asked:
Shell we have tandoori chicken to celebrate?

Why punish the poor chicken for the mistake we have done.

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A guy walks

A guy walks into an antique store and buys a grandfather clock, he walks out of the shop with it and accidentally walks into a drunk guy. (they both fall over and the clock gets smashed to bits)
The guy says to the drunk, "Why don't you watch where your going?" and the drunk says, "Why don't you carry a wrist watch like everybody else?"

by (few years ago!)
A Family Saw

A Family Saw ""Sholay"" Movie
Came Back Home And Husband Romantically Said To Wife
"" Nach Basanti Nach""
Child Added
""Nahin Basanti Is Kute K Samne Mat Nachna""

by (few years ago!)
Dost asked to sardar

Dost asked to sardar:Truck Dekh Kr Tum dar Q jatay Ho?

Sardar replied: 1 Truck Driver Meri Biwi Ko Le Kr Bhag Gaya Tha..

Hr Bar Lagta Hai Jesay Usko Wapis Krnay Aya Hai.

by (few years ago!)
Santa ki amma maar gayi.

Santa ki amma maar gayi.
Ek aadmi bola – amma mujhe bhi le jati apne saath.
Do char aur bole – haan amma hume bhi le jati
Santa Bola – Chup ho jao gadho.
Amma kya sumo karke gayi hai??

by (few years ago!)
Salman khan is confused nw a dayx..

Salman khan is confused nw a dayx........coz. . .

Girl Frnd jawan ho gai...

aur . . .Bhabi badnam ho gai. . .;-D

by (few years ago!)
Meaning Of WIFE

Husband asks, Do u know the meaning of WIFE. It means...
Without Information Fighting Everytime!

WIFE on hearing this says, it could also mean- With Idiot For Ever.

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Bal Girne Ki Fikr Se

Sardar: Yar Mere Bal Boht Gir Rahe Hain

Frnd:Wo Kyun?

Sardar: Fikr Se?

Frnd: Konsi Fikr Hai Tume?

Sardar: Bal Girne Ki Fikr Se

by (few years ago!)
Be sure you go

Be sure that you go straight home.

I can't; I live just round the corner!

by (few years ago!)
Santa had twins;

Santa had twins; he named them Tin & Martin.

Again he had twins & named them Peter & Repeater.

Again he had twins & named them Max & Climax.
Next time he had twins, disgusted Santa named them TIRED & RETIRED!

by (few years ago!)
Mere Paas Naukri Hai

An Engineering Student To His Sweeper Brother:
Mere Paas Degree Hai
Knowledge Hai
4 Logon Mein Baithne Ki Izzat Hai Tere Paas Kya Hai?

Sweeper: Mere Paas Naukri Hai

by (few years ago!)
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