Recipe for Khoya Malai Kulfi


  • Khoya 1 pao
  • Condensed Milk 1 Tin (400g)
  • Fresh Cream 2 Packets (400g)
  • Kewra Water 1 tsp
  • Pistachio 8-10
  • Evaporated Milk (Chilled) 1 tin (400g)
  • Bread Slices 2 Large or 4 Small.

Cooking Directions

Make sure evaporated milk is very well chilled.

In a blender add fresh cream, evaporated milk, kewra water, pistachios, khoya, condensed milk and bread slices and blend.

Pour the kulfi mixture into metal kulfi moulds (sachain) with lids.

Put the kulfi moulds into the freezer.

Note: When you want to serve, dip the mould in some water, so it loosens and with help of knife lift out the kulfi.

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