Recipe for Barbecued Spicy Lamb


  • Lamb, boneless pieces 1kg
  • Clarified butter (ghee) to baste
  • For the 1st Marination:
  • Basil (tulsi), dried, crushed 1 tbsp / 15 gm
  • Raw papaya, ground to paste 1/2 cup / 100 gm
  • Garlic (lasan) paste 2 tbsp / 30 gm
  • Red chilli powder 3 tsp / 15 gm
  • Salt to taste
  • Clarified butter (ghee) 1 cup / 200 gm
  • Onions, medium, peeled, sliced 2
  • Garlic (lasan) cloves, chopped 12
  • For the 2nd Marination:
  • Ginger (adrak), 1 1/2“ piece 1
  • Basil (tulsi), crushed 1 tbsp / 15 gm
  • Kachri powder 2 tbsp / 30 gm
  • Cloves (laung), powdered 1/2 tsp / 3 gm
  • Black cardamoms (badi elaichi), powdered 2 tsp / 10gm
  • Nutmeg (jaiphal), powdered 2 tsp / 10 gm
  • Cinnamon (dalchini) powder a pinch
  • Yoghurt (dahi) 1 1/2 cups / 300 gm
  • Soola masala (mix together)
  • Mango powder (amchur) 1 tsp / 5 gm
  • Black rock salt powder 1/2 tsp / 3gm
  • Black pepper powder (kali mirch) 1/2 tsp / 3 gm
  • Green cardamoms (choti elaichi), powdered 1/2 tsp / 3 gm
  • Nutmeg (jaiphal), powdered 1/4 tsp / 1 ½ gm

Cooking Directions

Wash and pat dry the lamb pieces.

For the first marination, mix all the ingredients and evenly rub the mixture on the pieces.

Keep aside for 2 hours.

Heat the clarified butter in a wok (kadhai) and deep-fry the onions and garlic separately over medium heat, until golden brown.

Drain the excess oil on absorbent paper and keep aside.

For the second marination, blend together the ingredients for the second marinade (except yoghurt).

Add 2 tbsp of water to make into a smooth paste, Remove to a bowl, add the yoghurt and whisk well.

Evenly rub the pieces with the second marinade and keep aside for 2 hours.

Skewer the pieces and roast for 12-15 minutes.

Baste with clarified butter and roasts again for 12-15 minutes or till the pieces are tender.

Smoke for 2 minutes with cloves and clarified butter.

Arrange on a platter, sprinkle soola masala and serve hot.

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