Recipe for Biscuit Dough


  • Basic ingredients
  • (From the Fraisier Cake recipe)
  • Egg yolks, 5
  • Fine sugar and 150 g
  • Vanilla essence beat 2 drops
  • until creamy (takes 5 minutes. with an electric mixer)
  • Egg whites beat until stiff 5
  • Sugar add and continue 2 tsp
  • beating for a few seconds
  • 150 g sifted flour and
  • Baking powder fold into the mixture, 1/2 tsp
  • alternately with egg whites.
  • Melted cool butter add and gently mix. 50 g

Cooking Directions

Mixing egg white and flour alternately in portions.

Gently blend egg white and flour together.

This is a very light dough, whereby soft butter, sugar, egg yolks are thoroughly whisked until very creamy.

An electric whisk on high speed is ideal for this kind of preparation.

The egg whites are whisked separately until stiff and gently folded into the batter with a spoon or a spatula, alternately, with the flour.

In some recipes butter is added last.

The oven has to be preheated and the dough baked immediately.

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