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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great in his death bed said:
''''My last wish is that both my hands be kept dangling out of my coffin''''
I wish people to know that
''''I came empty handed into this world and empty handed I go out of this world.''

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I saw u sitting and

I saw u sitting and crying..
so i asked u why ?
u dint answer..
i tried to hold ur hand..
but u walked away... wiping ur tears
then i realized we were sitting on my GRAVE !

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Mistakes Are The

Mistakes Are The Lessons Of Wsdom
Whn U Make A Mistake, Dont Look
Back At It For Long
Take The Lesson & Move Frwrd
Although The Past Cant B Changed
How To Shape The Future
Is Still In Ur Hands ...

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To Handle Yourself

To Handle Yourself,

Use Your Head;

To Handle Others,

Use Your Heart.

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Alexanders Beautiful

Alexanders Beautiful Last Words:

Bury My Body,Dnt Build Any Monumnt.Kep My Hand Outsid
So D Wrld Knws,Who Won D Wrld Had Ntng In Hand Wen Died

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Life Is All About A Card

Life Is All About A Card Game ...

Choosing The Right Card

Is Not In Our Hand ...


Playing Well With

The Cards In Hand

Determines Our Success ...

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Life Is All About A

Life Is All About A Card Game ...

Choosing The Right Card

Is Not In Our Hand ...


Playing Well With

The Cards In Hand

Determines Our Success ...

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A Dog Will Not Hurt

A Dog Will Not Hurt You

If You Beat It With A Bone

Use The Right Weapon

To Handle People

That''s The Secret Of Winning ...

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The best cosmetic

The best cosmetic 4 lips is Jaap. 4 d voice is Simran. 4 d eyes is Darshan. 4 d ears is Gurbani and 4 hands is Sewa.

May U blessed by Babaji''s Grace!

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HaPpInEsS iS tO c

HaPpInEsS iS tO c

ThE wOrLd In A gRaIn Of SaNd


HeAvEn In A wIlD fLoWeR

tO hOlD iNfInItY iN tHe PaLm Of Ur HaNd


EtErNiTy In A sInGlE hOuR ...

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Words Heart Are

Words & Heart Are The 2 Things

To Be Handled With Care.

Because Words Once

Spoken And Heart Once

Broken Are D

Hardest Things To Retain Again

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HaPpInEsS iS tO

HaPpInEsS iS tO

sEe tHe WoRld iN a GrAiN oF sAnD


HeAvEn in WiLd FlOwEr

To HoLd InFiNiTy In ThE PaLm Of ur hAnD


EteRniTy in a SiNgLe hoUr ... [:

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Success Isn''t A

Success Isn''t A Matter Of Being D Best

& Winning D Race.

Success Is A Matter

Of Handling D Worst

& Still Finishing D Race.

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Prayer Is Where

Prayer Is Where An
Amazing Exchange
Happens ...
You Hand Over Your Worries
To You ... :)

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People thinks

People thinks
war is a Competition
Weapons, People,
Forces or Nation,
But its a Battle of
between Our Mothers
Thier Mothers.
The Question is,
Whose SON will come
back with
Flag in his Hands
and whose SON come
back with
FLAG Cover his Body.

I was told at my Birth that
I dont Belong to my Parents..
My Destiny, My Dreams
Belong Only
"Lets Unite in the WAR AGAINST INDIA"

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