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In politics

In politics, your enemies can"t hurt you,
but your friends will kill you.

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Choose one part

Choose one part of the tree
and find out intresting facts about ur attitude







Do reply.

Answers :

Leaf: make friends for ur benefit

Branch:U hv 2 affairs

Stem: U r brave and riscky

Root: U care for others

Flower: U r proud of urself

Fruit: U love those who loves U.

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What Will Ur Husband

What Will Ur Husband say to u "ghoonghat utthaane k baad" at ur wedding night?
pick up any one number,i will tell u later.



1:me joruu ka ghulam ban k rahoonga

3:Uff me kahan phans gaya

5:I cant wait more

7:Betta tension naa lo

9:tumhare kitne boy friends the?

11:U r good but I love someone else

13:Hyeee me mar gaya

15:Ghoonghat waapas daal dega

17:My love for U is infinite


21:Tum Mujhe pehle kyuun nhi mili...

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1- Ek bAt jo kAbi nA kAhi ho?

2- Ek bAt jo mjh me buri ho?

3- Ek bAt jo mjh me Achi ho?

4- Mere sAth Dosti ki wäjä?

RepLy MuST

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''''Angry'''' day

Wo Meri Kon C Baat Hy Jo Aapko Bht Gussa Dilaati Hy?

Send This SMS 2 Ur Friends 2 Knw..

But Reply Me First..

''''Angry'''' day

Wo Meri Kon C Baat Hy Jo Aapko Bht Gussa Dilaati Hy?

Send This SMS 2 Ur Friends 2 Knw..

But Reply Me First..

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Whats Best In Me

1. Whats Best In Me?
2. Whats Bad In Me?
3. Whats My Name In Your Cell?
4. I Am Your?
5. I Am Just Like A?
6. What You Wich For Me?

SenD tO yoUrS FrieNDS AnD GeT CraZZy AnSweR...

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Complete This

Complete This Sweet Sentence..

[ I Love Your.......? ]

Send This To Your Friends & Get Crazy Answers...

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aik Sawal apke liye

aik Sawal apke liye
MUJH se DOSTI kion ki??

Apka Jawab Film Ka Naam Hi Hona Chahiye.

Send it 2 all ur friends n get interesting reply but reply me 1st....

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"If you make a list

"If you make a list of your friends,
Which Position Will you give me?"
Top 1
Top 2
Top 3
Top 4
Top 5

Reply I am Waiting..
Send it to your friends to know your Position...

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A - Roses

A - Roses
B - Tension
C - Understanding
D - Heart
E - Romance
F - Fight
G - Care
H - Money
I - Respect
J - Nothing
K - Freedom
L - Kids
M - Suche Mhbt
N - Satsfaction
O - Posesivens
P - Friendship
Q - Gifts
R - Chocolates
S - Lots of Love (Gud Luck)
T - Pain
U - Happiness
V - Rudeness
W - Kisses
X - Tears
Y - Attitude
Z - Forever Love

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Lets see ho much you

Lets see ho much you Know about my Self..!!

Q # 1) My Birthday?
Q # 2) What word i say most?
Q # 3) I Love?
Q # 4) My Bad Habits?
Q # 5) My Quality that attracts you?
Q # 6) Best Part of my Face?
Q # 7) My Best Friends?

Reply me..

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Ager apko meri

Ager apko meri "Ammi" ko meri "Shikayat" Laganey ka MOQA miley to App Meri Konsi "Shikayat" Lagaoe Gaye..?

Send this to your Friends..
And find interesting facts about you Pesonality..
But Reply Me 1st..

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"Criticize Me"

"Criticize Me"
You are Allowed to write 1 negative point of my personality..!!
Sent this to your friends and enjoy being Criticized..!!

Reply me 1st..!!

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Aap k Nazkeek

Aap k Nazkeek

Love is____?

LiFe is____?

Family is ____?

Friendship is ____?

Enjoyment is ____?

Beauty is ____?

Music is ____?

Please Fill it and send it back to me..!!

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Today is CoUpLe Day

Today is CoUpLe Day..!!

Make my couple with anyone of your own choice..!!

Share it with your friends and get interesting replies..
but reply me 1st..
I am waiting for your replies..!!

192 chars (2 sms)

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