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I''ll Be Ur Shadow

Alone ?
I''ll Be Ur Shadow ...

Want To Cry ?
Here''s My Shoulder

Need A Hug ?
I''ll Embrace U Tight


Where Ur Strength Ends
M Worth Of Being Ur Friend
Begins ... =)

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Walking With A Friend

Walking With A Friend

In Dark Is

Better Than

Walking Alone

In Light .

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D 1who holds ur

D 1who holds ur hands evrytim u need suport

is surely ur gud frnd.

But ur best frnd''s d 1 who holds ur hands

evn more tightly wen u say


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God Never Wanted

Da T''s

Made Us

.,. .*.
( ," )( ", )

Frenz !

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Pain Of Missing Friends

"Pain Of Missing Friends

Is Realised When U R Alone

Watching A Gang Of Friends

Enjoying In Front Of U

And U Remembring D Past

Which U Spent With Ur Friends. . .

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The 1 who holds Ur

The 1 who
holds Ur hand
evertym whn U need
support, is surely a
Gud Frnd
A true Frnd is 1 Who
holds Ur hand more
tightly whn U say

"Leave Me Alone" (:

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Laws alone can

Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty, there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.

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Never Hold Yourse

Never Hold Yourself Solely Responsible For Any Misfortune In Life Because
No Single Raindrop Is Ever Alone Responsible For Any Flood

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If U Stand For A Reason

If U Stand For A Reason.

Be Prepared To Stand Alone Like A Tree.

If U Fall No D Ground

Fall As A Seed Dat Grows Back To Fight Again

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Nthng Else Destroys

Nthng Else
Destroys d Power 2
Stand Alone As
D Habit Of Leaning On
If U Leann, U''ll Nvr B
Strong Or Orignal
Stand Alone Or Bury Ur
Ambition 2 B Sumbdy
In Wrld ...

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I know how to

Man: I know how to please a Woman.
Woman: Well, please leave me alone.

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I"ve been

I"ve been thinking about u and me..
if we were alone how it would be..
I would kiss u all over till ur feeling hot..
then give u a sensation when I hit the spot!

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Dreamy i heard

i heard someone whisper ur name''
but when i turned around to c who it was,
i notice i was alone,
then i realize it was my heart
telling me that i miss u.

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Walk with me when

Walk with me when ur hearts needs company,
take my hand when u feel all alone,
turn to me when u need some1 to lean on,
coz I''m the one u can always depend on!

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The scariest thing

The scariest thing about falling in love is getting hurt.
The scariest thing about getting hurt is not being able to love again.
The scariest thing about not loving again is being alone FOREVER.

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