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hayo rabba tussi so

hayo rabba tussi so gaye inni jaldi ik mint ruko maino
"GOOD NIGHT" te bolan deo ji,GOOD NIGHT" hai ji o,tussi
chaho te sweet dream bhi dekh lena

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May be u are busy

May be u are busy or tired by the end of the day, just wana
tell you 143, GOOD NIGHT before I sleep

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(>"*"<) ( - , - ) zzz---

( - , - ) zzz---
(">--<")---Sshh...... its only me putting a blanket on u so
that u wont get cold, have a warm & nice sleeP!GOOD NIGHT

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Despite the Old

Despite the Old saying "Don"t Take Your Troubless &
Worries To Bed" Most of the People still sleep with their
wives!!! WHAT A CRAZY WORLD, Good Night.

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Name 3 characteristics

Name 3 characteristics 4 me out of
1. Arrogant
2. Sweet
3. Egoistic
4. Lively
5. Playful
6. smart
7. Honest
8. Shy
9. Confident
Be Honest while you reply. Good Night

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Bhagvan krishna ne

Bhagvan krishna ne geeta me kaha hai, Kalyoug me ek acha
dost hoga jo SMS karega our dusra sirf pad kar muskurayega.
Hasooo or hasooo, Good Night.

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Aap paas raho ya

Aap paas raho ya durr, Hum dil se dil ki awaz mila sakte hai,
Na khat ke na phone ke mohtaz hai hum, aapke dil ko ek hichki
se hila sakte hai. Good Night

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I hide my tears when

I hide my tears when I say ur name, But the pain in my heart
is still the same. Although I smile & seem carefree, there"s
no one who miss U more than me. Good Night & Sweet Dream

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Aaj bahut yaad kiya

Aaj bahut yaad kiya humne tujhko, Bahut miss kiya humne
tujhko, Chaha ki tum yahan hote, kum se kum mere kuch kapde
tow dhote!!. Good Night.

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My Math teacher

My Math teacher told me 1 Hour=60 Mins & 1 Min = 60 secs.
but she never told me 1 sec without a FRIEND like you is
equal to 100 years. Miss you, Good Night, have a
sweet dream

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Palkon pe dastak den

Palkon pe dastak dene koi khwab ane wala hai.
khabar mili wo khwab sach hone wala hai.
me ne kaha oski palkon pe ja.
jo dost mera abhi sone wala hai. Good Night

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raat khamosh hai

raat khamosh hai chand bhi khamosh hai,
par dil main shore ho raha hai,
kahin aisa to nahi ek pyaara sa dost,
bina good night kahey so raha hai.

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Kbhi sochte h ek GULAB

Kbhi sochte h ek GULAB bhej de,
Kbhi chahte h pura BAAG bhej de,
ja Rhe ho agar Aap sone ko to Dil krta h,
Apki PALKO me ek PYARA SA KHWAB bhej de

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If candles cannot burn

If candles cannot burn w/o light,If moon cannot shine w/o d night,then how can I sleep w/o wishing U Good Night :)

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Have a
"salt Dreamz..."
Bcoz daily sweet is not
Good for U"r health,take care....

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