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Kaanto Bhari Raah Me Koun Saath Deta Hai?

Kaanto Bhari Raah Me Koun Saath Deta Hai ? Mom/Dad ? - NO Husband/Wife ? - NO Friends ? - NO LOVE ? - NO Only......... Ur CHAPPALS ! Utha kar lo CHOOM Lo Yaar

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How True My Feelings Were

How True My Feelings Were I Found Out To Be The Best Thing In My Life Was When You Married Me Thank You My Loving Wife (Loving Husband), For The Years We Share I Know One Thing For Sure We Make A Wonderful Pair.

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I Wish U De Best Anniversary

I Wish U De Best Anniversary A Man Could Wish His Wife. My Love Throughout The Years We?Ve Had Our Ups & Downs But We Stood By Each Other No Matter What Happened We Maintained This Love So On Our Anniversary Of 2years I Just Wanna Say This ?Thank U &I?Ll Alwayz Love You For What You?Ve Done For Me ?U Were & Still R My Light And Shine In My World Ngi ?Asixenga Ngawe Zulu For I?M Proud Of You Love Keep It Up). Remember This When Things Get Rough And Tough? I Love You?

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Nothing In This World Could Ever Be

Nothing In This World Could Ever Be As Wonderful As The Love You?Ve Given Me Your Love Makes My Days So Very Bright, Just Knowing You?Re My Darling Wife(Husband). Happy Wedding Anniversary

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A man is the head

A man is the head of the family and
the wife is the neck.

The neck turns the head exactly the way it wants.

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Mein Tmhain Bachpan

(Mein Tmhain Bachpan Se Chahta Hun)

(Tum Se Shaadi Krna Meri Majboori Thi):-(

(Tum Mere Ghar Walo Ki Pasand Ho)
(I Promis U Mai Tmhari Ankhon Mein Kbi Aanso Ane Nahi Dunga)

(I Realy Love U)

(You R My 2nd Wife)

(Tum Dunia Kee Sb Se Khubsurat Larki Ho)

(I Dont Love U)

(Tum Mere Khuwabo Ki Tabeer Ho)

(Pata Nhi Meri Maa Ko Tum Ma Kya Nazar Aaya)

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How much can sum

How much can sum1 care?

A man suffring frm brain tumor died.

His wife opned his cupboard

n found sum tablets wid a letter

"take them dear.

U catch cold easily when u cry."

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husband apne wife

husband apne wife say is daffa bete ki khatna doctor say karwayien ge wife nahi nai say karwainegay
beta jiss bhi karwoa khal tou "MQM" MEIN HI JAYE GI NA"

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After a quarrelFR

After a quarrel, a wife said to
her husband, "You know, I was
a fool when I married you."
The husband replied, "Yes,
dear, but I was in love and didn''t notice." ;->

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She has many roles

She has many roles to play -








Every Legend is born of her pain...

A salute to all the Women of the world...


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She know how

She know how 2 live with justice.

She know how 2 live like legend.

She love''s her envirmont whtevr is it''

she is symbol of tolerence''

she iz a WOMAN!
Plz respect a WOMAN bcoz''
some time she''z MOTHER, a sister, a daughter n a wife.
Happy woman''z day... ;->

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Wives Of King Edward

Wives Of
King Edward & King Shahjahan
Both died of
"Polycystic Ovary Syndrome"
in the same year
Both Kings immensly
loved their Wives
But Both had a different
way of expressing it
Shahjahan spent Billions
to make "Taj Mahal" in
memory of the beloved
King Edward built the
"University For Research"
Proclaiming that no one
else should die of the disease
which had snatched his
beloved Wife

"Such differences of thinking
determines the causes of
Rise Or Fall Of Nations ... "

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Suit Bara Sohna

Husband: Suit Bara Sohna Pehna hai..

Wife: ThanX G

Husband: Lipstick B Sohni Lagai hai

Wife: ThanX G

Husband: Makeup B Sohna Kia hai

Wife: ThanX G

Husband: Sohni Phir bhi Nahi Lag rahi..

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Hansa: Yeh Doctorate Matlab Prafful??
Prafful: Doctorate Hansa
Woh Apnai Padosi Dr. Bhatt Ki Wife Aur Woh Jab Lunch Time Mai Tumhe Milte Hai To Tum Kya Kehti Ho??
Hansa: Achha Who
Hello Mrs Bhatt.. Hello Dr
Majama Nai... Khana Kha K Jana Ho...
Prafful: Ha Tab Unki Wife Tumhe Kya Kehti Hai??
Hansa: Thanku Hansa Bhabhi... But Dr Already Ate... Dr Ate... Doctorate

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Luv Easy to say

Easy to say - Difficult to stay..
Beautiful to feel - Difficult to deal...
Difficulty is a part of Life...
But That''s the reason...
Why Girlfriend is never a wife

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