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Friends ''''Ballons'''' Ki Trha Hote Hyn

Friends ''''Ballons'''' Ki Trha Hote Hyn
Ek Baar Haath Se Choot Jaye''n
Tou Wapis Nahi Aate
Is Liye Main Sochta Hoon

''''Tumhari Hawa Nikal Ker
Apne Paas Hii Rakh Loon'''' ;->

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Getting married

Getting married is very much like going to a restaurant with friends.

You order what you want, and when you see what the other fellow has,

you wish you had ordered that.

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As by xperience

As by xperience my advice 4u friends-

have only one girl friend otherwise ur life will b very sad like me ,

1side Aishwarya puling me 4 cinema other side Sania pulling me 4 Tennis

and kareena keeps sending luv messages 2 me! Silly gals!Wat can i do?

Hey Wait.I''m getting a call from katrina kaif….

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Choosing Career

Choosing Career Is Like Choosing Wife

From 10 GirlFriends.
Even If U Pick Most Beautiful,
Most Intelligent,
Kindest Women,

There”s Still Pain Of Loosing 9

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Men discovered

Men discovered FRIENDSHIP and invented LOVE,
Women discovered LOVE and invented MARRIAGE

+92 300 2711 588 / +92 333 9968 674

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Choosing Career Is Like Choosing Wife

Choosing Career Is Like Choosing Wife

From 10 GirlFriends.
Even If U Pick Most Beautiful,
Most Intelligent,
Kindest Women,

There''s Still Pain Of Loosing 9 ;-

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Power Of One ...

Power Of One ...

One tree can start a forest…

One flower can awaken the dream…

One smile begins a friendship…

One laugh will conquer a gloom…

One candle destroys the darkness…

One sunbeam lights a room…

One breath brings life eternal…

One path will lead you home…

One touch can show you care…

One word must start each prayer…

One heart can know what is true…

One life can make the difference…

And that one is


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2 Friends . . . See & Saw

2 Friends . . . See & Saw
One Day See Saw Sea & Saw Didin’t See Sea. Se Saw Sea & Jumped In Sea. Saw Didn’t See Sea But Jumped In Sea. See Saw Saw In Sea & Saw Saw See In Sea. See Saw Both Saw Sea & Both Saw & See Were Happy To See Sea .

Agar Samajh Aa Jaye Tou Mjhe Bhi Bata Dena . . . ;->

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Do you know why crow is called crow and sparrow is called sparrow ??

Do you know why crow is called crow and sparrow is called sparrow ??

THE story behind the fact......

Two birds went to the theatre.

One bird got C row and the other bird did not get a seat,

So they had to give it a spare row.

Hence the bird in C row was called crow and the other sparrow.

Pass this to all your friends and let them develop their general knowledge.... ;->

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Friends r like films,

Friends r like films, some r musical some r romantic,
some r adventurous,
some r tragedy,
some comedy but very few r OSCAR WINNERS LIKE U . . . ;->

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Only True Friends

Only True Friends Stand By You
During Bad Tyms. . .

I Promise You

I will Be Attending Ur Marriage . . . ;->

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In PAK Survey Was Done That,

In PAK Survey Was Done That,
How Many Girls Want To Make Friendship With

Me . .

Survey Report

5 % Says = YES

0 % Says = NO

And . .

95 % says = Hamara Ye sms Parhne Wala Bhai Ijazat Nahi Day Gaa . . . . . . . . ;->

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Friends r like Asian Paints :

Friends r like Asian Paints :

Duniya badal de.

Girlfrends r like Everest Masale :

Taste mein Best.

Wife is like Mosquito Coil :

"Dhoond Dhoond k Maregi"

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LifE iS aLL Abt

LifE iS aLL Abt WakinG uP EaCh dAy tO diSCoVer SoMethinG NeW, Abt MeetinG oLd PeoPLe bUt MakinG NeW CoNverSatioNs, WaLkinG thru oLd RoadS bUt StiLL feeLinG NicE Abt it,
ReaLizinG thAt u hAvE GrowN a dAy oLdeR bUt StiLL feeLinG young at hEArt, MeetinG busy ScheduLeS bUt StiLL fiNdinG timE 4 oLd fRieNds, bEinG NoStaLGic Abt by GoNe dAys bUt
LookinG foRWaRd tO bEttEr dAys,
WaNtinG 2 Shoot da person Who SeNt SuCh a LonG MsG bUt StiLL MaNaGe 2 SmiLe.

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Welcome To My Friendship World

Welcome To My Friendship World

Press 6 For Help
Press 3 For Money
Press 078 For Sharing Happiness
Press 93 For Sharing Saddness
Press All Previous Number To Call Me!

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