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In a practical Exam

In a practical Exam
Examiner showed legs of bird n said:Tell the bird’s name
Sardar:I dont know
Exminer: U r failed.Wats ur name?
Sardar: You see my legs, and tell me.

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All flowerz don''t

All flowerz don''t represent Luv but..

Rose did it.

All birds can''t speak but..

Parrot did it.

All monkeys can''t read msgs but..

U did it. Welldone

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In bio practical:

In bio practical:
Examiner:Tell me the name of
this bird by seeing it’s legs only?
Sardar:I don’t know.
Examiner:You failed, what’s your name?
Sardar:See my legs & tell my name

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Old phrase:

Old phrase:
A Bird in hand is better than 2 in Bush.
New phrase:
A Boot on Bush is better than 2 in foot.:-)

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A Sardar & A Wife Were Walking

A Sardar & A Wife Were Walking Outside
When The Wife Said,
"Oh Look At The Dead Bird!!!"

The Sardar Looked

At Sky & Said,

"Where, Where"???

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Dead Bird: A S

Dead Bird: A Sardar and a Paki were walking outside when the Paki said, "Oh look at the dead bird."
The Sardar looked skyward and said, "Where, where?"

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The breeze has

The breeze has awakened the earth, and sun has coloured our world. The birds have added melody to the morning & I hope I am not late to wish you Gud Morning

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Lost in a animal

Lost in a animal
farm I saw many

(>. .<)

(( ))

()(. .)()
( ( - ) )

( (..) )
HAILA TU BHI!?!?!!!!!

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Height of preence of mind...

Height of preence of mind...
Once a teacher asked student "Tell the bird''s name by seeing its legs".
Student replied ," I cannot tell".
Teacher said "You are fail,What''s your name?".
Student replied ...... "See my legs and tell my name"

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Positive Thinking:

Positive Thinking:
Poem: little bird in the sky,dropping potty on ur eye,
you dont worry,
you dont cry,
Thank to god..that elephant dont fly..

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Teacher asks students.

Teacher asks students..if a bird is sitting on a branch of a tree than wat is my age..

A student replies: its 48.

The teacher says thats did u know it??

Student replies: my brother is 24 and he is half mad . . . ;->

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Karachi main birdflu

Karachi main birdflu ki waja se 3 lakh murghiya qatal ki gayi..

Murghiyo ka naya naara "Tum kitni murghiyan maaroge?

Har anday se murghi niklegi . . . ;->

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'':., ,*, ,/; ".;;.,(''v'' ),,//;;

'':., ,*, ,/;
".;;.,(''v'' ),,//;;
".;;( );;"
send to wish U HAPPY Bird Flu.

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True Luv Story

True Luv Story

A Mosquito & Hen Fell In Love
Wid Each Other
1 Day They Kissed Each Other

Hen Died Of Maleria
Mosquito Died Of Bird Flu

Moral :
Mohabbatan Sachaia’n . . . ;->

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Birdy birdy

Birdy birdy in the sky dropped a poopy in my eye, I don''t worry I don''t cry, I''m just happy that cows can''t fly

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